YouTube short video: The most interesting people.

YouTube Short video by Patryk Majgat

On today’s show interviewing an ex MI5 agent and a master of disguise and espionage – But how good is he really? Also, was there a meteor shower in the forecast for today? Because that’s never good news. (What’s up with YouTube video quality lately btw?)

I don’t know why I’ve come up with this idea for this YouTube short video. I needed some material to see what I can do with green screen and this idea popped into my head. And, you know, you don’t actually need actors because now there’s two of you. (and then a friend visits you and you sit him down in front of a green screen and tell him to say “wtf is this s**t” and to not ask any questions). Then it quickly escalated to jumping into Blender and  destroying a giant space station with a meteor…  god complex anyone? (the space station was a free 3d model from Kuhnindustries on btw). I’m thinking of recording a short tutorial on green screen recording and making space stations explode using Adobe After Effects and Blender. Meanwhile, here’s a pic of me without trousers 😀

No Pants. Recording on green screen. YouTube Short video
Typical – why bother? 😀

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